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Is urban agriculture the future of Africa?

Using science, technology and innovation could help promote the use of urban agriculture to sustain food and nutrition security in African cities, experts say. According to scientists specializing in agriculture, geography and urban planning, urban agriculture has been neglected in urban planning and development agenda, despite its obvious benefits of helping to feed the rapidly growing African population. Agricultural activities such […]

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Nigeria is the world’s poverty capital, despite its oil reserves

By Obinna Chima Nigeria has overtaken India as the country with the largest number of extreme poor as of 2018, a report by the Washington-based Brookings Institution has stated. The report titled, ‘The Start of a New Poverty Narrative,’ obtained on the institution’s website, pointed out that the Democratic Republic of the Congo could soon […]

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18 dead in Rwanda because of heavy rain, that’s over 200 since January

Landslides caused by heavy rains killed at least 18 people in Rwanda’s Northern and Western province over the weekend, reported Reuters. This pushed the death toll since January to more than 200, a government official said. The heavy rains on Sunday night killed 15 people in Western and Northern provinces, Philippe Habinshuti, director of response […]

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Top 5 reasons why business is uniting Africa

African business is integrating Africa—economically and otherwise. It has been a long time coming, and plenty of hurdles remain, but the economic integration of the continent, which many see as key to its continued development, is manifest. Driving it are indigenous entrepreneurs and fast-growing African companies, as well as multinational corporations, said a new analysis […]

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Trump’s “Muslim travel ban” may be cancelled by court

The Supreme Court will hear a challenge on Wednesday to President Donald Trump’s latest effort to limit travel from countries said to pose a threat to the nation’s security. The case, a major test of presidential power, will require the justices to decide whether Mr. Trump’s campaign promises to impose a “Muslim ban” were reflected […]